Our Projects

Shreepad Vatika

Graham Rowles, a gerontology professor once said “There is pretty strong evidence that the environment in which people lives is closely linked to their well-being. We have a need for a place that is called Home.”However, Homelessness in India is a significant problem back from many centuries. To date, 0.15% of our country’s population are those who live on the street. This is due to a lack of affordable housing and inadequate income support. And we at Shreepad are trying our best to minimize that percentage. We, Shreepad Heights, are introducing our new project "Shreepad Vatika" which helps low-income people to have housing of their own. The plan has a well-facilitated wide-length road lane, a nature park, a streetlight, waste removal, and duly installed security cameras. It is ideal for families with low income costing only about 1.8L for 600 sqft. The meaning of a person's home is enriched with their memories. They add significance to that house. Physical places endure while memories and people fade, so homes and neighborhoods become "memories-tobe-kept-alive” that help us to keep warm some of the strongest sources of what has given our lives meaning, well-being, and happiness.