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Shreepad Town

There is an old saying in India quoting "There is no better place than a place that you call HOME". And we at Shreepad Heights want you to achieve and fulfill that dream of yours. Having a place that you can return to after all those stress and problems of life is something that only a few can get hold of and we want you to be that one. And now with that said we would like to offer a call for your own Row House. Row houses are spacious and offer a premium lifestyle and aesthetic appeal. It is Midway between villas and apartments. Therefore, you still have the feeling of living in the community along with some personal space with your dear ones. Apart from being neatly designed in a Lane with Elegance and style, they exhibit certain features that make them a convenient property to possess. From the go-to amenities like the Wide Road and Park, it also offers modern facilities like round-the-clock security guards and CCTV surveillance. It provides twin benefits of living in your own Paradise-like House along with the convenience of neighbors. Whether it is a jogging track for an evening stroll in the garden for the elderly of your house or a play area for your kids, you can enjoy the world-class amenities of a gated community with the peace of living in a Villa. Furthermore

Floor Plan